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ITI INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION INC. was established in Taipei in September 1994 with the objective to render high quality international multi-modal freight (including air, sea and road), cargo consolidation and logistics services. Through the years, our company has developed strong foundation in terms of financial, expertise and excellent reputation in the freight forwarding industry.

In 1995, ITI set up its 1st overseas branch office in Hochiminh City in strengthening the company logistics capabilities and bringing the service level to a new height for our clients who operate international trading between Taiwan and Vietnam. In 2002, a branch office in Cambodia was established and making our company the market leader for Taiwan and Indo-china trade.

Over the past 10 years, our group business performance has sustained a constant growth of 20 percents yearly and up to 2008, we have 17 offices locating in 7 countries and employing a workforce of 300 professional people.

In this time sensitive business, our goal is to deliver the cargo in the fastest and most economical way. In addition, our reputation of P.O.D.(proof of delivery) performance has been timely and efficient, as it's in our best interest to maintain high standards in meeting demand.

Our Vision : To be a renowned and leading Asia region
                    logistics service provider in worldwide.

Our Mission : To grow together with our clients.

Our Strategy : Profession¡¢Innovation ¡¢Execution

Main Business Territories :

1. Indo-China : Vietnam and Cambodia

2. Asia : China and Southeast Asia

3. South America : Brasil and Argentina

4. Europe and Mediterranean

5. North America


1994 Sep.  ITI International Transportation Inc. Taipei Office establishment

1995 Apr.    ITI International Logistics Co., Ltd. Hochiminh office establishment

1997 Jul.   ITI Global Air Cargo Co., Ltd. registered air freight forwarder licence

1998 Jun.   ITI Logistics Company Ltd, Kaohsiung office establishment

1999 Mar.   ITI International Transportation Inc. Taichung branch establishment

2002 Jan.   ITI International Logistics Co., Ltd. Haiphong branch establishment

2002 Dec.   ITI Logistics (Cambodia) Ltd. Phnom Penh office establishment

2003 Apr.    Shanghai ITI Logistics Ltd., Shanghai office establishment ( NVOCC NO. MOC-NV02541)

2003 Sep.   ITI Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hong Kong office establishment

2004 May.   Shanghai ITI Logistics Ltd, Shenzhen branch establishment ( NVOCC NO. MOC-NV02960)

2004 Oct.    ITI International Logistics Co., Ltd. Hanoi branch establishment

2006 Apr.    Shanghai ITI Logistics Ltd. Qingdao branch establishment (NVOCC NO. MOC-NV03083)

2008 Mar.   Shanghai ITI Logistics Ltd. Ningbo branch establishment

2008 Sep.    ITI Logistics (China) Ltd. Shanghai office establishment (NVOCC NO. MOC-NV05379)

2009 Jul.    ITI International Logistics Co., Ltd. Da Nang Representative office establishment

2010 Aug.     ITI Logistics (China) Ltd. Ningbo office establishment( NVOCC NO. MOC-NV06006)

2011 Jul.     ITI Logistics (China) Ltd. Tianjin branch office establishment (NVOCC NO. MOC-NV06047)

2011 Aug.    ITI Logistics (China) Ltd. Shenzhen branch office establishment (NVOCC NO. MOC-NV05833)

2011 Oct.    ITI Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. establishment

2011 Dec.    ITI Logistics (China) Ltd. Qingdao branch office establishment (NVOCC NO. MOC-NV05902)

2014 Sep.   ITI Logistics (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd. establishment


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