1994 Sep.

Taipei office established
ITI was established in Taipei City in September 1994 with a small office and five employees. In an environment where Taiwanese businessmen are migrating westward and southward, ITI founder's people-oriented corporate culture provides clients with high-quality sea, air, and land transportation logistics services, and growing stronger day by day. ITI currently has more than 400 employees.

1995 Apr.

Ho Chi Minh office established
As Taiwan's trade booms, a large number of Taiwanese businessmen go to Vietnam to set up factories, leading to an increase in shipping demand. The next year, ITI immediately established its first overseas office in Ho Chi Minh City. ITI is also the first freight forwarder to have our own office in Vietnam.

1998 Jun.

Kaohsiung office established
Kaohsiung Port's annual cargo throughput reached 106 million tons and became the largest port in Taiwan. The import and export volume of electronic parts, steel and petrochemical products accounted for three-quarters of Taiwan's total. Therefore, ITI established a Kaohsiung company to serve customers in the processing zone nearby.

1999 Mar.

Taichung office established
The foreign trade of steel and petrochemical products and mechanical parts manufacturers in the Greater Taichung area is booming. Therefore, ITI established a Taichung company to provide customers with fast and convenient international transportation services.

2002 Jan.

Haiphong office established
After the millennium, Vietnam continued to actively promote the reform and opening up policy, signed free trade agreements with ASEAN and China, and the total import and export volume grew to 390 million US dollars. ITI established Haiphong Company in the same year.

2002 Dec.

Cambodian office established
In 2002, Cambodia began to develop and gradually implemented reform and opening up to attract foreign investment. The total import and export volume increased to 3.35 billion US dollars. In the same year, ITI followed the footsteps of Taiwanese businessmen to establish a Cambodian company.

2003 Apr.

Shanghai office established
Mainland China joined the WTO in 2003. Even with the outbreak of the SARS epidemic, the total import and export volume in Shanghai still increased by 10.2% to 50.5 billion US dollars. In the same year, ITI established a Shanghai company.

2003 Sep.

Hong Kong office established
The Hong Kong government actively promotes economic transformation and encourages innovation to attract a large number of technology industries to enter the Hong Kong market, with a total import and export volume of US$325.6 billion. ITI Hong Kong Company was established in September of the same year.

2004 May

Shenzhen office established
Shenzhen's total import and export volume increased by 16.3% annually to reach 272.5 billion US dollars. Electronic products and financial logistics services developed rapidly. ITI established a Shenzhen company in the same year.

2004 Oct.

Hanoi office established
Hanoi, Vietnam improved the investment environment and provided preferential policies to attract Taiwanese investment. The total import and export volume increased by 17% annually to reach 2.2 billion US dollars. In the same year, ITI established the Hanoi company.

2006 Apr.

Qingdao office established
Qingdao has always given people the impression of a good living environment, while improving the investment environment. The annual growth of imports and exports reached 21.5 billion US dollars by 22%. In 2006, ITI established a Qingdao company.

2008 Apr.

Ningbo office established
Ningbo's home appliances, automotive machinery and chemical industries have a high market share in China, with imports and exports increasing by 22.7% annually to US$28.6 billion. ITI went to Ningbo to set up a company base in 2008.

2009 Jul.

Da Nang Representative Office established
Da Nang, Vietnam has increased its opening up to the outside world and actively formulated industrial support policies. The total import and export trade volume has increased by 10.7% annually to 290 million US dollars. ITI established a Da Nang base in July of the same year.

2011 Jul.

Tianjin office established
Tianjin actively opened up to the outside world to attract investment and became a trading hub in northern China, with a total import and export trade volume of US$229.6 billion. ITI established Tianjin Company in July of the same year.

2011 Oct.

Thailand office established
Bangkok pursues long-term economic development and stability. Even under the political turmoil that year, the total import and export trade volume still reached 28.96 billion US dollars. In the same year, ITI set up a company in Bangkok.

2011 Nov.

Undertake social responsibility and actively promote the participation of various bases in public welfare activities.
ITI began to transfer from Taiwan to attract jade, and led all overseas bases to contribute to the local society and practice localization of charity.

2014 Sep.

Myanmar office established
At that time, the Myanmar government adopted many economic reform measures, and the total import and export trade volume in Yangon reached 2.88 billion US dollars. ITI went to Yangon to set up a company.

2014 Dec.

ITI obtained AEO certificate of Customs Administration Ministry of Finance
By obtaining the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, ITI headquarters has reviewed and improved operating safety, implemented sea, air and logistics transportation safety, fulfilled the corporate social safety responsibilities, and continues to provide customers with high-quality and safe supply chain services and achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable operations.

2018 Sep.

Cold chain logistics service
In response to the rise of the e-commerce fresh food online shopping market, ITI integrates cold chain logistics to meet customer needs and establishes refrigerated dedicated vehicle distribution and warehousing services, allowing manufacturers to invest in production and research without any worries. ITI serves as a solid logistics support for manufacturers. In addition to assisting manufacturers to maintain product quality and enhance product competitiveness, also provides quality control for consumers in the market to achieve a win-win-win goal.

2019 Feb.

Provide chemical warehouse service in Vietnam
ITI set up a 5,000-square-meter modern warehouse in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which is specially designed for the storage of dangerous goods. It also provides loading and unloading, sorting and labeling packaging, pallet leasing, and bonded warehouse customs declaration services.


Providing GDP pharmaceutical transportation services
Pharmaceutical manufacturing and transportation require a high-standard supply chain with special transportation conditions to maintain and guarantee the quality of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, ITI devoted apply for GDP (Good Distribution Practice formulated by FDA) certification to provide the best transportation service for Taiwan's pharmaceutical supply chain.

2023 Oct.

Initial Public Offering
ITI successfully applied for IPO to Taipei Exchange, stock code 7716.

2024 Mar.

Listed on the emerging stock market.
ITI (7716) listed on the emerging stock market on Mar.28.