Ocean Freight

  • CY & FCL

    CY, Container Yard means full container loaded move directly in and out the terminal.
    FCL, Full Container Load means the cargo is enough to load into a container. Common container sizes are 20 foot, 40 foot, 40 foot high cube and 45 foot high cube.
  • CFS & LCL

    CFS, Container Freight Station, the place where to load and unload the loose cargo.
    LCL, Less Than Container Load means the cargo is not enough to load for a container or although cargo is enough to load for a container due to lack of manpower or the restrictions of locations and not able to load container so it needs to deliver to terminal and carrier would help to load the container sometimes combine with other clients’cargo.
  • Break Bulk Cargo (B.B Cargo)

    Break Bulk Cargo means the cargo might too big to load into container, so ship without container.
  • Special Container

    1. Open Top Container
    Open Top Container has no ceiling and allowing cargo to be loaded from the top. They are fitted with a PVC tarpaulin cover and attachable bows with cable sealing devices.
  • 2. Flat Rack Container/Flat Bed (Platform) Container
    Flat Rack Container doesn’t have the ceiling, with collapsible ends, only have platform, front and back door. Mostly use for heavy loads and oversized cargo, capable of loading machinery, electric wires and bulky cargo which are too high or wide for normal loading.
  • 3. ISO Tank Container
    ISO Tank Container mainly is move for chemical materials, syrup, oil and other liquid materials. Inside the container already build up for stainless steel surrounded by an insulation and protective layer of usually polyurethane and aluminum. ISO Tank Container cargo cannot be mixed with others, it has heating equipment and suitable for cargo needed for temperature control.
  • 4. Garment on Hanger Container
    Garment on Hanger Container has installed the hanger onto inner layer of 40 foot container, although it seems waste space but the idea of garment on hanger can save time and costs to sort out the clothes when it reach destination. For high costs of garment, the client would consider to use this type of container and can go straight to the store for sell.
  • 5. Reefer Container
    Reefer Container means goods need to maintain in the certain temperature, such as fish, meat, chocolate or plants.