Sustainability Report

In order to realize the group's goal of sustainable development, "group sustainable governance", "sustainable environmental policy", "implementation of inclusive development" and "implementation of social participation". The sustainable development promotion and execution team is the unit with the authority and responsibility. It holds meetings every year to discuss and promote the group's sustainable development business and supervise the implementation and operation status, and reports the operational results to the board of directors at least once a year.

1. Group sustainable governance

Policy Execution Content

1. Implement integrity management

The company operates its business with integrity and abides by the laws and ethical standards of the countries where it operates, and will never allow corruption or any form of malpractice. Directors, managers, employees and suppliers are also required not to participate in any acts of corruption or bribery, and to abide by the Code of Integrity to eliminate all illegal and corrupt business practices.

2. Salary Policy

Formulate a reasonable salary policy, combine the employee performance appraisal system with the corporate social responsibility policy, and establish a clear and effective reward and punishment system. In order to further implement the spirit of corporate governance, the company has established a salary committee, with industry academic experts serving as independent Director, providing independent and detached professional advice for the company's business strategy and supervision.

2. Sustainable Environmental Policy

Policy Execution Content

1. Greenhouse gas emissions

The company's workplace is mainly in the office area. There is no product manufacturing and production, and the emissions are low.

2. Carbon reduction and energy saving measures

(1) The office is completely replaced with LED energy-saving lamps.

(2) Advocate the use of environmentally friendly tableware and beverage cups in offices to reduce disposable waste.

(3) Establish the group's internal information exchange system to reduce the printing of paper texts.

3. Implementation of inclusive development

Policy Execution Content

1. Protect the rights and interests of employees

(1) In order to protect the labor rights and interests of all employees, the company not only abides by international human rights conventions, but also prohibits any form of discrimination (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental disabilities, etc.), forced labor and child labor. We also comply with the labor regulations promulgated by the competent authorities such as the "Labor Standards Act", "Gender Equality at Work Act" and "Employment Services Act" of the Republic of China, and formulate reasonable "work rules" and related personnel operating standards accordingly.

(2) Regularly hold labor-management meetings, regularly review and improve various welfare measures, so as to ensure the protection of employees' rights and interests to obtain the highest protection.

(3) Formulate internal measures such as "Employee Handbook", "Work Rules", "Prevention of Sexual Harassment", and "Recruitment and Appointment Management". Any unreasonable incidents such as sexual harassment can be appealed or reported through the following mailbox:

(4) Committed to creating a gender-friendly working environment, with a diverse and inclusive workplace, so that women can fully develop their strengths in the workplace and drive good leadership models in the industry.

2. Take care of employee health

(1) Arrange monthly on-site services for medical personnel to conduct health consultations such as analysis and evaluation of health examination results, high-risk labor assessment and case management, maternal health protection, and work-related disease prevention.

(2) Organize various employee health promotion activities, including employee health checks, healthy diet lectures, walking, smoking cessation and other publicity.

(3) Continuous monitoring and rolling revision of epidemic control measures and implementation practices according to the development of the epidemic and the level of alert.

(4) Regularly outsourced company to carry out environmental disinfection to block the source of disease transmission and reduce the risk of infection.

(5) Keep track of the health status of employees. If there is a fever or cough, report and track the health status.

3. Take care of employee welfare

(1) Establish an employee welfare committee to coordinate various employee welfare matters and organize various activities regularly to take care of employees' lives.

(2) Comply with various laws and regulations to provide employees with a good working environment, including education and training, health examinations, marriage, funeral, hospitalization, and maternity subsidies, etc.

4. Talent cultivation

(1) Emphasize the training and development of employees. In order to improve the professional ability of employees, a new annual training plan is formulated at the end of each year. The training content includes courses such as professional training, information security, and safety and health.

(2) Long-term attention to the friendly workplace environment for employees. Regarding the appointment of female employees, by 2022, female employees account for 67% of the total number of employees, and the proportion of women in management also account for 55%.

4. Implement social participation

Policy Execution Content

Social Care Activities

(1) The head office encourages all offices in the group to hold social care activities every year. Colleagues enthusiastically participate in and assist in various activities. As the joy of helping others spreads and shared, more and more colleagues and family members in each office participate in the event.

(2) The Taipei company has been cooperating with the First Foundation for many years to help people with mental disabilities get outdoors and interact with people. Taichung, Kaohsiung, Shenzhen, and Ho Chi Minh City offices have delivered supplies to local kindergartens and assisted in cleaning up the environment to show care.

(3) The volunteers of the Cambodian company held a happy birthday party for the children’s shelter home. The Da Nang company and the Chamber of Commerce jointly donated materials to local flood-stricken farmers. The Haiphong company donated buffaloes to disadvantaged families to keep the legacy alive.