Cold Chain Logistics

  • ITI is committed to providing customers with integrated cold chain logistics services, so that manufacturers can invest in product production and research and development without any worries. ITI serves as a solid backing for the logistics side of manufacturers. In addition to helping to improve the competitiveness of products, it also serves the vast market. The quality of the author's work is checked to achieve the goal of win-win.
  • 1. Low temperature delivery

    Provide frozen and refrigerated special vehicle delivery services, the temperature range is between -18 and +25 degrees, so that the goods are still in a stable low temperature environment during the delivery process, assisting manufacturers to maintain quality and reduce loss.
  • 2. Low temperature storage

    In addition to normal temperature storage, it also provides various low-temperature storage services. It not only maintains the quality of products for customers in the storage link, but also meets customers' business flow operation needs through various storage services.
  • 3. Freezer shipping by sea

    The difference between ITI and other industry players is that ITI not only provides cold chain storage, distribution and other services, but also combines the original service scope of ocean transportation to provide manufacturers with high-quality global refrigerated container shipping and one-stop delivery services , saving the time and energy spent by the manufacturer on multiple commissions.
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